Sunday, August 24, 2008

Episode 18, The Basics of the Game, Interview with Peter Taylor of Catalyst Games.

Episode 18 Interview with Peter Taylor of Catalyst Games.


Show Notes


Wesley Street said...

Hey, I really enjoyed the podcast. I picked up Shadowrun in it's first edition a long time ago but drifted away from it and RPGs for over 15 years. I recently picked up SR 4th ed. and it stoked that original fire that had been dwindling. Peter's enthusiasm for the newer, simplified mechanics and setting really shows in this interview and I hope he stays with Catalyst for a long time to come.

thebasicsofthegame said...

I have to admit it got me interested in playing Shadowrun again as well. I can quote chapter and verse in Shadowrun lore so it is nice to pick up the book and think of what I want to do.

Sallust said...

Not enough to get me started on the disappointment that has been 4e. I haven't figured out what simplification he is talking about in the core rules. Still I'm curious about him getting back towards original supplements. Hoping the supplements will connect more with the original setting as the last supplements read like an entirely different game.

WOW GOLD said...

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